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I know these days everyone says, “This Is Us,” but I think it’s a good way to introduce fire + wife. Ryan and I have been married a month now but this picture shows us not exactly in our natural environment, but how life really is. The photographer told Ryan to whisper something sweet in my ear and you can see his dimple because he is laughing about what he is saying and I ended up in tears after hearing what he said. Life is fun with this man (fire) by my side. Usually. We all know life isn’t perfect and those that pretend it is – we know they are lying!

Where did the name come from? Ryan is a firefighter and while he has been doing it for a decade, it’s new to me and is a huge part of our life. The name is a play on fire and ice. Seeing as I am now a wife and this is my “diary” of our life.. that’s where the name came from!

I’m so excited to get start on this journey with Ryan and now share it with all of you and hope to make some friends along the way. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!

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