Typical boy meets girl at a bar… modern day fairytale, right?! Not quite. Ryan’s cousin, his “co-bestman”, said that we met so long ago and some may say that it was a missed opportunity but he thought that we just needed time to grow into the people we needed to be for each other. I love that and firmly believe that is true.

I met Ryan when I was 19 and a sophomore in college. My friends and I loved country music so made a 30 minute trip to a country bar in Ohio (just south of us) and took a chance with our fake IDs. The super cute bouncer gave me a look, shook his head, and let me in. As a way to say thank you, I slipped him my number. We dated a few months but he was older and had a career (he was also a firefighter) and I was not at all interested in anything serious. When he joked about where we would honeymoon I got scared. Shortly after he got a girlfriend and life moved on.

Fast forward SEVEN years… I get an email that I had a message on Twitter. I’m glad I had my notifications set since I never went on Twitter. Again, I gave him my new number and the rest is history. Well, along with some bumps, the rest is history! I was living in Arizona… 7 months later I moved across the country to live with him. About 2 months later he proposed. How insane are we?

July 2014 when we reconnected in person.

Anyone else have any crazy long distance love stories?! Hope to talk to you soon!


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