Why start a blog? To be honest, it’s because I finally have time. I started one in college writing anonymously and it was somewhat successful. I wasn’t making any money but I had a good amount of followers and was getting a lot of free items to review. As a broke college student, free was all I wanted. I could only get so far hiding behind a screen though – I felt like readers really wanted to know about the writer and I just wasn’t at the point where I wanted the world to know who I was. I got busy with finals and graduating, moving across the state, life in general and the blog fell to the wayside. I’ve tried to start a blog a few times after that but I’ve always felt like I don’t have the time to devote to it. I bought a domain about 2 years ago and that went absolutely nowhere. That was a waste of hundreds of dollars – I didn’t even like the name! That expired just this past spring and here I am. Ready to begin and serious about it!

I am a newlywed and fully supported by my husband. He is supporting me quitting a job I hate (my last day is TOMORROW!) and wants me to do what I love. I have always had a passion for writing so even if this turns into my personal diary that no one reads, then I guess so be it.

What do I want this to be? I would like this to supplement his income. I would like to write about things I love and share it with you. I want to be able to stay at home like my own mother did with me for at least the first few years and hope this will help a little to put groceries on the table.

So that’s why I started this. I started it originally back in 2007 (when I met Ryan actually) and here I am today 10 years later much wiser and ready to start something new! Let me know what you are interested in hearing my thoughts about!

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