My mom works at a school and also does an after school program where she mentors young girls and does activities with them. As part of their end of year meeting, all the mentors are reading a letter they wrote from themselves to their 5th grade self about to enter junior high. She asked me to write one that she could read the girls, so they weren’t just hearing from older women and it really got me thinking!

I wish this was something that I could’ve actually given myself. I probably needed it more in high school or college, hell, I could use one from my future self now for some direction but I love the idea to pass on advice this way to other generations even if you weren’t able to use it yourself. Here is my letter to myself (and the girls)…

Dear Middle School Self,

I know this is an exciting but also scary time for you but don’t worry – you will figure your way around the school, you won’t forget your locker combination, you are going to be just fine. If something happens to you and it feels like the end of the world, I promise you, it isn’t and you will get through it and not even remember it a year from now.

I want you to know that your friends are going to start to get boyfriends and you will wonder why you can’t be outgoing and attract them too. It may be awhile until you have a boyfriend, I won’t lie to you about that but never settle for someone. You are going to have so much fun with your friends the next 2 years in junior high and then high school and FINALLY college so stop worrying about boys. Want to know a secret? You end up with an amazing man. You’re married and planning for a family right now! It took a long time to end up with him but you did. Don’t give up.

Back to the topic of friends, you are going to gain some and lose some throughout these next few years. People who you thought would be by your side end up hurting you. Stay true to yourself and don’t fall at the feet of the mean girls – always be nice to everyone and everything will work out in the end. You will stay close to those who really matter.

I know you are feeling really grown up right now and so excited to keep growing but please don’t rush it. Don’t spend all your time inside on the computer. Go play outside, have sleepovers, enjoy your time as a kid because when you look back you will wish time hadn’t gone so fast. You have so much going for you so never give up on your dreams and enjoy every minute of junior high!! Even math, try and enjoy math.


Your Older and Wiser Self


What advice would you give these young girls? What advice would you give me as a newlywed?!

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2 thoughts on “DEAR ME:

    1. It’s funny – I was struggling remembering being only 30 I had wished I was writing to someone going in high school or college… I would love to know what an older me would say to myself now!

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