Um guys, I just needed to stop eating this and tell you about this ice cream. I may be the last one to know about it, who knows, but right now I don’t care!

In the past I have been told about “good for you” ice cream and I ended up throwing it out. When I stumbled upon this I thought I would give it a shot. There were only a couple of flavors and they looked pretty picked over so obviously I’m not the only one to discover this but I’m now a customer for life!

Photo courtesy of Halotop

A whole pint of the birthday cake flavor I had is 280 calories and all natural ingredients. This is something you don’t have to feel bad about if you do happen to eat the whole pint! I picked this up at the local grocery store but I will be searching for the other flavors at other places on their website! Check them out http://www.halotop.com

Do you have any new discoveries that you love? Talk to you soon!

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