I’m really really trying to be healthier and cook at home. Today was a slight fail when I may have drank more margaritas than put any actual food in my mouth! But I cooked, so I tried!

Now after cleaning the kitchen, I came across this amazing deal on Amazon that I really don’t even need but couldn’t pass up. And by ordering it, hopefully it puts me in the mindset of healthy cooking so it’s a win, win – right? It is cheap enough to not break the budget and something I can justify buying.

I promise to not have too many of these posts on this blog – I’m not into product pushing but I just thought this was way too good of a deal (and I literally bought it within 5 minutes after finding out about it.) I thought I would pass it on to you as well! So what is this steal? It’s a George Foreman Grill that is over 50% off! We have a big one but this is a 2-serving that is perfect for those nights when Ryan is at the fire station and I only need to make one chicken breast, one hamburger, one hot dog… you get the idea! It’s also SO much easier to clean. We still have our discount code for our wedding so it was even cheaper. ( I highly recommend Amazon for registries as well!)

If you decide you don’t personally need one, you could still buy now for someone’s wedding shower or if yours ever breaks in the future. I bet this would also be perfect to have in an RV!

What is your favorite food to cook on a George Foreman? Leave me a comment if you have any recipes you use with yours!

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4 thoughts on “ASTEAL!

  1. Haha, I love how Amazon is the sort of website where you buy things that you weren’t even looking for. I’m often thinking ‘ohh that’s a good price’ and then it’s suddenly something I cant do without. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

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