A pre-baby bucket list. That’s a thing right? I have been going around the house cleaning like a crazy person and throwing away a lot of clutter. I’ve been painting and planning what we need to get done around the house. I told Ryan I was “pre-nesting.” I’m sure that’s also a thing.

I was totally on board with having a baby before we were married. I even thought we would maybe conceive on our honeymoon (sorry if that’s TMI) since we aren’t getting any younger over here. I was told I would be a high risk pregnancy so I went to a prenatal specialist and genetics counselor and got all my ducks in a row.

Then April 8th came and went and I am a wife. A wife that loves sleeping in, going on trips, to the movies, drinking (socially!), going to restaurants, spending money on frivolous things… you get the idea. I realized that maybe I’m not quite ready to have a baby. I know that I am meant to be a mom but feel like there is so much more to do before we bring a tiny human into this world. Am I being selfish? Maybe. But I feel like there really are necessities to do before baby and I probably should’ve thought about this long before getting married!

Here is my personal (and somewhat boring) pre-baby bucket list:

  • Get new flooring! – this is number 1 for me. I don’t want a baby crawling around on old carpet!
  • Make a list of restaurants we want to try and go! – and put the least family friendly ones at the top to visit first!
  • Take a camping trip – I LOVE camping but Ryan and I have never done it together! I also can’t imagine it would be much fun with a baby so this is another top priority this summer!
  • Go to as many concerts as I can! – I hate when people bring babies to concerts, it’s just too loud for their little ears so I need to get some of these under my belt before I have to start paying for a babysitter!
  • Disney World – I would love to go here pre-baby because I imagine it’s a much different experience without kids but I just don’t see it in the budget right now.
  • Work on watching our mouth – Ryan and I have a potty-mouth at times and while I guess we have a little while to do this even with a baby in the home, it would be good to get in the habit now before we have little ears listening that can repeat!
  • Mimosa Brunch – my favorite! Do these as often as possible before no drinking for 9 months!
  • Get in the habit of cooking! – one thing I loved growing up is that we always sat down together for dinner. Ryan and I need to get better at that and it’ll start with me cooking dinner more!
  • Sleep in! – I plan to do this as often as possible before baby 😉
  • Finish renovations in the home – I suppose this could be done with a baby but a little more work involved!


Well those are a few of the things on my bucket list to do this summer – what is or was on yours?!


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13 thoughts on “PRE-BABY BUCKET LIST

  1. I love your list and I can see why you’d want to do these things before a baby! I am not married yet, but my fiance and i have talked about wanting to do certain things and have time to ourselves before kids enter the picture. maybe we’ll make a pre-baby bucket list after we get married!
    cheers, Sarah camille //

  2. This is a great list. I really think that bucket lists are so important. If you are not planning your life at all then how do you have vision or progress, right? And yes, go to as many concerts as you can! I also really appreciated that your house was really important to you and that removing carpets and installing new floors was a thought not just to improve your home but also with baby in mind. You’ll be a fantastic momma when the time comes. In the meantime, enjoy crossing these amazing things off your pre-baby bucket list!

  3. I love the list and you are going to have a busy summer! I would want to do house renos before baby as well. Camping could be fun with a baby. I am excited for when the announcement comes for the baby! 🙂

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