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As an adult it’s really hard to make new friends, especially if you are a stay at home mom, work from home, or hell, even if you DO work it is hard.

When I first moved across the country from Michigan to Arizona, I didn’t know many people. There were a few people in the area that I knew from college but wasn’t close with. I worked primarily on the road going to court and home visits (as a social worker) and did case notes in my car. It was hard to make friends and all I wanted was someone to go out with and explore my new state with!

                  First Meetup I Hosted

It sounds a little pathetic but I searched online, “how to make friends in a new city.” Of course there were articles about being yourself, putting yourself out there to others at work, being more social… but that wasn’t the issue. I kept looking and found Meetup.

Meetup is a site where there are hundreds of different interests broken down into various groups and you get together and well… meet up. The site brings people together through common interests at organized events. There are groups for running, playing cards, reading, women only, couples with no kids, you name it! Of course there are more groups in bigger cities but it is a worldwide site so you should be able to find something near wherever you are located.

I’ll be honest, it was scary going to my first meetup and not knowing anyone. I wasn’t scared for safety or anything although some events ARE held in people’s homes. For safety purposes, generally you have to be a member and go to other events before you can attend those types. I can’t remember what my first meetup was, now that I have been to hundreds and even hosted them but obviously it is something I recommend. It is also a little weird telling others how you met your friends. It isn’t typical to meet a friend online.. but why not? You meet people online for dating. Why not friends, too?

How To Make Friends
7 of 9 girls in this photo I met from Meetup!

I have met so many great people on Meetup and became so close to them I even asked a few to be in my wedding party! I’ve gone to baseball games, brunches, game nights, even an overnight weekend trip to San Diego!

Because of how easy it was to meet people, after I left Arizona and moved to Ohio, I joined again. The particular city I am in didn’t have as many groups as the Phoenix, AZ area so I decided to make my own. It was super easy to do and inexpensive. Within 3 months there were over 100 members and I am again making new friends in this area.

I am so thankful for meetup and the new friendships it has brought into my life. I wanted to share with you as well in case you are struggling!

Let me know if you have any questions or any other ideas for making friends as an adult!



  1. It’s quite scary trying to make friends in a new place. Especially if you’ve had good friends fore, you can’t quite imagine finding that depth of friendship again. I’m a bit of a loner sometimes but never have trouble finding friends cos I’m also very easy to get along with. Glad you found people to get along with too!

    Enjoy the journey!

  2. Definitely needed to read this! As a stay at home mom, I’ve been googling how to make new friends as well – I’ll have to check out meetup! Thanks for the idea.

    1. No problem! I hope you find a good group where you are and if not, I definitely recommend starting one up yourself since others are probably searching too!

  3. I agree! I’ve moved to new city few months Ago and i remember it was also hard for me to find new friends at the beginning, just like you I googled and found Meetup, joined few groups and I absolutely love it! Met so many wonderful girlfriends!

    1. That’s awesome you already knew about it and met great people already! And I’m glad I’m not the only one googling how to make friends lol

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