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Do you remember that I mentioned in one of my posts that I quit my job? It’s been a little over two weeks and we are starting to cut back on expenses but I know it hasn’t been enough. I got my paycheck last week so we haven’t felt the effects of it quite yet but I’m sure it will hit next week when there isn’t that extra dough in the bank!

So why am I telling you about my personal life right now? Because I’m sure a lot of us go through money problems and don’t want to talk about it. Because I know that financial issues can cause issues in relationships. Guess what? It doesn’t have to!

At an Arizona State football game!

Think of the reason why you started dating your significant other. I’m hoping the majority of you say it was because of their personality and not because of their wealth.

I’ve started to think of ideas for Ryan and I to do now that our budget is a bit smaller and come up with a list to share with you.

Ryan and I have made it a point to put 2 scheduled dates a month on the calendar. We try to always do it on that particular day but if something comes up then we just push it out a couple days later but we ALWAYS reschedule! I think it’s important to keep dating the one you are with, no matter what point you are at in your relationship.

Here is a list of 10 ideas for dating on a budget (or even not on a budget!):

Sporting Event

I’m sure most of you have a city near you where there’s a local team that plays. Here we have a minor league team and can get tickets for $10. Sure the beers are expensive but that’s what happy hour is for beforehand!


So many restaurants have trivia nights nowadays. If you don’t know about a place near you, just type in trivia and your zip code and you are bound to get a list! You may even be surprised to learn that your favorite restaurant has it at least one night of the week. This is free to participate in and you can win prizes! Usually the teams with a lot of people win so invite some couples to come with you!

Take A Walk/Hike

Great exercise and a way to spend time together! We have been taking our dog out more often for walks and it’s a good way to wrap up the evening and talk about our day. This is also fun to go on a walk downtown somewhere and window shop and people watch!


I know this sounds obvious but make it fun. If you don’t go to a theater (if you do, look up the cheapest times to go or the $1 theaters!) then make it a date at home. Pop popcorn, blankets, even get an air mattress out. You can watch a movie, binge on that show you two have been saving to watch together… it really is good quality time together!

Outdoor Event

This time of year there are so many fairs, festivals, and outdoor concerts going on – look online at your local newspaper to see what’s happening this weekend and pick what sounds fun!

Take A Class Together

This can be anything! I suggest checking out Groupon or Living Social for deals on classes. Ryan and I did a pottery class once!


This can be during the day in a park, by the beach… or at night under the stars! Cheap and romantic!


Look online for when there is open bowling near you and usually they will have unlimited bowling for 2 hour specials. You may also find shoes and bowling deals on Groupon too!


Stay at home and play board games. Get out snacks and make some drinks and have some fun with each other! You can also go to an arcade and pretend you are kids again. Make sure to set a budget or time limit for this or it can get expensive!

Eat Together

Last but not least, share a meal together. Maybe you two have opposite schedules and never have time to sit down to eat at home with one another… well take him lunch or dinner. Make a list of places you want to try and go to one a month, it won’t break the bank!


What other budget date ideas do you have or like to do?




  1. I love all of these ideas! My boyfriend and I are both college students and don’t have a lot of extra money. We try to only eat at once a week and mainly enjoy activities that are free for the most part 🙂

  2. Love these ideas, my husband and I defiantly are finding it harder these days with two little kids. Thanks for the great ideas we need them. I like the ideas of the board games, we haven’t played them in years.

  3. After 4 years of marriage and two kids (3 and 1) my husband and I decided we were ready to incorporate dates in our life. We went our one Saturday night with mutual friends. It was awesome! Then… I got pregnant! So now we’ve stopped the Saturday night outings and instead do movie nights! I agree that couples should find some time together every so often. It really helps!

  4. Such great ideas! I’ll keep these in mind for cute date ideas in the future! Just had a baby, so we need some fun just us two

  5. Love these tips and you are right they are good. Ohh on a budget of not on a budget. It’s good to plan in fun things to do together. Going to put a few of these on my list!

  6. This is really cute to read ! Yes after sometime its more fights then the bonding! So keep the spark on

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