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One of my first posts was about my mom. It was a Mother’s Day post and I discussed the ways I am becoming more like her every day. I didn’t mention my dad at all in it since the post was all about moms. But now it is dad’s turn…

I have always considered myself a “daddy’s girl.”  Even when we didn’t see eye to eye during my wild years, he has always been the person I turn to. The person I call when I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how many times I have called my dad and he immediately said, “What’s wrong?” (Hey dad, sorry for making you worry so much!) I’m quite sure when he cried on my wedding day those were tears of joy since Ryan would now be the one that had to deal with me. HA!

Nowadays? My dad is someone I can sit down with now, have a beer and watch a movie and just laugh with. I love that! Dads never really seem to get the credit they deserve.

In honor of Father’s Day quickly approaching, I sat down and thought about everything my dad has taught me. Okay, not everything since that would be a long post… but the good stuff. The stuff that really makes sense now.

Self Defense

One of my earliest memories is my dad being in Jujitsu and coming home and showing me moves. He only did the sport for a short while but throughout the years he would teach me how to break a mans grip… or if that fails, “Poke them in the eyes or knee them between the knees.”

You never really know what a scary place the world is when you are little. As I grow up I learn how important this was for my dad to teach me. I think it also brought self confidence walking down the street alone as a single woman.

Take care of your car and it will take care of you

Damn. This is something I wish would’ve hit home sooner! I have a terrible history with taking car of cars, getting in wrecks… I never really paid attention driving when I was younger and my record shows it. Once I finally purchased my own and realized what a huge purchase a car is, what is needed for continuous maintenance to keep it running… I have.. knock on wood.. been accident free. My car has been across the country 4 time, it is 5 years old, and is still kicking! (AND it’s a Ford! Ha!)

Never get a credit card

I just didn’t listen to my father when I was younger because you know what? I got a credit card. A few of them. And I’m still paying them off even though I never ever use them. Listen to my dad… don’t get a credit card!

We’re not all bad

He meant that in regards to men. At times I cried he was also known to say, “All men are assholes” but that is besides the point.

My dad was there through many heartaches and tears and he taught me that there ARE good men in this world. Seeing my parents in their marriage and working through the good times and bad made me realize what kind of person I was looking for. I never settled and I found him!

Girls can do anything

Want to know what my dad got me for Christmas one year? A BB gun. That same year my mom picked out an American Girl doll for me. My dad always showed me that it was okay to do things that are out of the box for a woman. He would take me fishing, play catch outside, and set up targets for shooting. Barbies were still always my favorite but it was still fun to go outside and play in the mud sometimes!

Work hard to get what you want

My dad is such a hard worker. He drives 2 hours round trip to work everyday not including traffic. Gets up at 4am. At one point he was driving across the state and sleeping in a truck. He did what he had to, to provide for our family.

In turn, in college, went to school full time and held multiple jobs. I have worked jobs that were over 40 hours a week with no overtime pay. I started an Etsy shop, I started a blog. I have big dreams and know I need to work hard to achieve them. I think that is one of the reasons I fell in love with Ryan. He is such a hard worker and I knew he would always take care of me and our future family.

You are never alone

Growing up can be pretty scary. Especially when you graduate and can’t find a job. Or you find a job that is across the country. Or when you move in with a guy for the first time and you are miserable. My dad always reiterated that I could always come home. They were always a phone call away. No matter where I am at in this big world, I know I am not alone in life.

What have you learned from your dad or father figures in your life?


  1. My dad is a really hard worker too. He works 10 hour days , and sometimes works all week with no days off! My dad has also taught me never to give up, and to care about others in a selfless, devoting way.

  2. I learned that there’s always time for fun and most grown ups are too grown up! My dad always had time to play with me as a kid and it’s definitely a lesson I’ve taken into parenthood.

  3. Your father truly sounds like a wonderful person, no wonder you’re a daddy’s girl! It’s brilliant to see fathers teach their daughter to take care of themselves, and be everything they desire to be. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Sounds like an awesome feminist dad. Lucky girl <3 I will try to pass the wisdom to my future children… time for me to start some martial arts 😂

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