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It’s been over a month since I quit my job and we are still making it without that extra paycheck. Want to know how to make extra money with stuff already in your house? Keep reading!

I mentioned before that I felt like I was “pre-nesting” before we get pregnant. I am on a cleaning kick.. and I am also on a “get rid of everything” kick. See ya clutter! Actually I have a pile of stuff in the kitchen that I need to take pictures of to sell that is slowly making me crazy but that’s beside the point.

As I have been working on cleaning every nook and cranny and organizing closets and pantries, I have found a ton that we don’t use or really need. I’m sure if you went through all of your stuff you would find a lot too! Once you actually get to cleaning and organizing and find that stuff (books, clothes, toys, decor) then you will be on your way to making some extra cash.

There are so many different options available to sell your belongings. From Craigslist to phone apps to garage sales.. where do you begin? That’s what I am here for. Between Ryan and I, we have sold over $1000 in a month on various sites!

What are your options?


Craigslist is great because it is totally free! Craigslist tends to be more popular in big cities (for obvious reasons) so if you are near one, you are much more likely to sell your item since you have more people looking. Craigslist is great for bigger items like furniture, cars, and toys that you wouldn’t want to ship. This can be great to not have to pay shipping fees but it also opens the door for some safety issues. I have sold on Craigslist before and always made sure to meet in a public place where there were lots of people around (during the day). When it is a piece of furniture, make sure that someone else is home with you!

Besides safety being number one, another tip is to make sure to have a great photo. I met with someone to buy luggage before and their picture was clearly from when it was brand new and they were trying to sell me the used set. Make sure your pictures reflect what you are selling! It’s a waste of time for both of you if it is a crappy picture! Another thing I have learned about Craigslist is to decide on a price you would like to get for the item (not too high – it is used after all) then price it just a little higher. Craigslist will bring out many hagglers so if you price a little higher than you are more likely to settle on the amount you really wanted to begin with!


I had never really used Facebook for selling until my wedding. I bought a ton of used stuff and then I turned around and sold it to other brides! I sold almost everything (and even made a profit on some items!) Facebook is free and makes it easy to connect with locals. There are tons of groups dedicated to your city, county, specific types of items… whatever you are looking for, I’m sure you will find it! I find more little items on Facebook like home decor items, clothes, toys, and then the larger items on Craigslist but you can find both on either site!

The same tips apply as Craiglist.. safety and good photos!

Online apps

I have had success with OfferUp and LetGo. These are for local listings. I know that larger cities have more luck with other apps but I have not tried them. I sold majority of the things from my last 2 cross country moves when I got rid of everything on OfferUp!

I feel like more people are starting to use these. They are free and very easy to use.

Safety and good photos!! I have sold everything from a mattress to spray paint on OfferUp!

Poshmark and Mercari are two apps I use to sell clothes.

Poshmark recently raised their shipping prices so it’s a little harder for me to sell items on there since people are hesitant to spend $6.50 for shipping alone on a used item! They also take a hefty fee. This site is good for high end items for low prices! I sold a new Kate Spade wallet on here when I first started listing. You can also bundle items to save on shipping and get a discount!

Mercari has everything on their app. I use this site to look for Rae Dunn items. Shhhhh! I have sold many items on here since you can control the shipping price and even offer free shipping. I just sold an item today as a matter of fact! Poshmark and Mercari are good options if you are not comfortable meeting people.


Ryan’s favorite. He sells baseball cards on eBay. When I first saw Ryan’s baseball card collection I thought he was a dork. Then he sold one of those cards for $500. I wish I had that kind of hobby! I would recommend eBay for your well known items. Items that people are going to search for. And items that are in great condition! You can also list rare finds and get some hits!

How do you sell on eBay? It depends on the seller but usually everyone starts out with 50 free listings a month. Last month I happened to get an offer for 500 free listings! On eBay is where I list my like new clothes, books, and games.You are much more likely to make a sale if you have a good reputation so if you do plan on selling on here, try and buy a few items to get a 100% rating so that people will trust you.

My recommendation? Take good pictures! I had some items posted for months and re did the pictures and they sold right away. People want to see details and make sure there is nothing wrong with what they are buying!

Another tip… answer buyers questions ASAP! Sometimes people want to know more about your item before they bid. Make sure to answer so they get the information they need before they find what they are looking for elsewhere! Example? Someone asked a question an hour before the listing ended and I missed it and probably lost out on a sale.

And finally…

Garage Sale

This obviously takes a lot more work and planning. You need to have a lot of items. I had thought we could have one (remember that pile in the kitchen I told you about) but when it came down to it, we just don’t have enough to sell and not enough variety.

Garage sales are best when you have multiple families come together so there are a variety of items for sale. Reach out to friends and family and see if they are interested. This way you also have someone to sit with you for hours and hours all weekend!

Make sure you have a prime spot for a garage sale. A garage sale should be easy to get to and off a busy road where you can put up a sign advertising the sale!

Once you have your sale planned, advertise! Use Facebook groups, your own Facebook, Craigslist, online garage sale sites to let people know! Also try and plan according to the weather. If you live in Arizona, don’t have it in the middle of July. If you live in Michigan, don’t have it in November! Common sense!

What other ways have you used to sell your items or what has been the most useful for you?


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