Summer Bucket List For Couples

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Before we got married, Ryan and I made it a point to have date nights. We would have two dates on the calendar – one that he would plan and one that I would plan. April was crazy with the wedding and honeymoon and then May and June it fell to the wayside. We decided it needs to start back up again this month!

Date nights are extremely important for couples and I want to be sure we get in the habit of making them a priority.

When I first started the blog, I wrote a bucket list that had a few things I would like to do before we have a baby. which honestly will probably be sooner than later.  This is a list that all couples can do over the summer and that I would love for Ryan and I to accomplish as well!

Ride a Ferris Wheel (and steal a kiss at the top!) Take a random road trip somewhere

Do something adventurous

Play Twister with paint

Go on a picnic

Kiss under fireworks

Go to the drive-in

Volunteer together

Go camping

Cuddle by the campfire


Check out a fair

Take a hike

Head to an amusement park

Go mini-golfing

Go on a “second” first date

Movie night

Game night

Berry Picking

Tube down a river


Baseball game

Watch the sunrise/sunset


What’s on your summer bucket list? Have you checked off any of these?


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