Act Like A Kid Again This Summer

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Remember the excitement leading up to summer vacation? When the the final bell would ring and school was out for the summer?

Every year I say that I regret not being a teacher or working in a school because I missed that feeling! (I know, I know.. teachers are yelling at me from behind their screens. I know you still work over summer.)

My point is that summer has never felt the same since the care free days of being a kid. How do we get that back? How do we escape the typical feeling that the 9-5 schedule leaves you with at the end of the day?

I feel that summer still can be fun and exciting even if we are stuck working behind a desk. We should still look forward to summer every year, even as adults.

How can you do this? Keep reading for ideas to incorporate into your summer. You can still act like a kid and enjoy summer like you are 10 years old again! (And still get a paycheck!)

Ice Cream!

This is an obvious one. Go out for ice cream one evening after work, heck, even on your lunch! Another idea if you have an evening available is to get an ice cream cone, go to the local park, and swing! When’s the last time you did that? Cheap date!

If you are lucky and have an ice cream truck in your neighborhood.. don’t be afraid to run out and stop it!

Play Ball!

There are tons of intramural leagues to join. Think softball, baseball, volleyball… check out your local YMCA as well!


Summer Camp

You read that right. There are summer camps for adults! Why didn’t I think of this?! Camp used to be what I looked forward to most about summer.. now I can as an adult as well! Just imagine canoeing, capture the flag, bonfires.. and beer!


I loved them as a kid and still do as an adult. Chances are your friends like them too. Invite them over for an afternoon/evening of fun. Another idea that involves games is to go to an arcade. Dave and Busters is like an arcade for adults but I’m sure you will have just as fun at any ol’ arcade!

Animated Movies

Don’t lie to me and say there isn’t one kids movie that has come out recently you haven’t wanted to watch. Me? I want to see Secret Life of Pets. It was on for a friend’s niece while we were getting ready for her wedding and I wanted to sit down and watch!

Now is the time to do see it. You can even to go a RedBox so no one knows you rented it. On a rainy weekend afternoon, curl up with some popcorn and watch it! Hell, make a fort too!

Water Slides

Think water parks are just for kids? Think again! Ryan and I recently went with my parents to a hotel with a water park and it was so much fun to go on the slides. I loved seeing my parents go on them as well!

Amusement Park

Same thing as a water park.. amusement parks are NOT just for kids. I’m going to bet that after you get off that roller coaster you are going to want to run and get right back in line just like you did when you were little!

If you do all of those at least once this summer, I promise you will be looking forward to summer next year! What else do you do to feel like a kid and enjoy summertime?

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