30 Ways To Celebrate Your 30th – Or Any Other Birthday!

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With my 30th birthday rapidly approaching (ahh!) I’m trying to think of what to do to celebrate being on this world for 30 whole years.

Ryan isn’t very good at surprises. He always ends up telling me what he is planning… or just plain forgetting about the day. As much as I try to change that (I’ve been reminding him about my 30th the last 4 months!) I just don’t think it is part of his DNA.

So when I told him (4 months ago) he needed to surprise me, he said he wasn’t good at it. He said he will give me the money to plan it myself.. at first I was a little bit disappointed but you know what? This way I will get exactly what I want! Haha!

Now that I’ve been racking my brain, looking up ideas, and inputting destinations into the map.. I wanted to share some ideas and also see what you did for your 30th or any birthday or if you have any ideas for me!

1. Destination Getaway

We just went to Jamaica for our honeymoon what feels like a lifetime ago, but in reality, was only 3 months ago. I would love love love to go somewhere but know that it’s probably not in the budget.

2. Check something off your bucket list

What is still on there? What better way to celebrate a birthday than to do something that you would LOVE to accomplish. Some ideas? Skydiving, bungee jumping, volunteering, adopting an animal.

3. Camping

I love camping! Get a bunch of friends together and plan an unforgettable weekend. Some of my best memories are from camping with my friends.

4. Theme Party

Depending on when your birthday is, you can base it around the holidays or just pick something completely random. Some themes I have seen before are: White Trash party, Super Heroes, TV/Movie Characters, Red/White/Blue.. you get the idea!

5. Girls/Boys Night Out

Get your friends together and hit the town. Splurge on a room in a nearby city that you have wanted to check out and look up the local hot spots!

6. Brunch!

Who doesn’t love brunch? It is one of my favorite things to do with my girl friends. In Arizona I would occasionally go to bottomless mimosa brunches but haven’t found it yet out here. Help a girl out!

7. Volunteer

I mentioned you could do this if it is part of your bucket list, but even if it isn’t on there, go out and help some people! There are also some great ideas for random acts of kindness on your birthday. An idea is to do the number of years you are – so I would do 30 since I am turning 30 and then make it a tradition and up it each year!

8. Beer/Wine Tasting

Beer or wine tours are becoming a lot more common these days. Look them up in your city and see if there are any trolleys, buses, you name it that will take you around!

9. Classy Dinner

This can be with whomever you choose – get all dressed up and go to that expensive restaurant you have always wanted to try! It’s your birthday!

10. Bar Crawl

Make some fun shirts, plan out a route, call and see if you can get any specials ahead of time. When’s the last time you went on a bar crawl? Do it!

11. Backyard BBQ

Gas up the grill, get some beer, and get out the outdoor games. Spend your birthday hanging out and having fun with your nearest and dearest!

12. Don’t spend a dime!

Check out my post on birthday freebies. Map out your day and get breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and more FO FREE!

13. Visit an amusement park

Act like a kid again and spend the day at an amusement park. Either go somewhere local/in your state or make a trip somewhere you’ve been wanting to go!

14. Run a marathon

Age is just a number! Train for a marathon (don’t just go attempt it) and sign up for it near your birthday! I would love to try the color run someday!

15. Laugh!

Go to a comedy club with friends, your parents, significant other.. whoever and be prepared to laugh the night away! Just a heads up, if you sit up front, you will likely be picked on!

16. Go shopping

Splurge! It’s your big day. Buy yourself what you really want. I may end up doing this if I don’t decide on anything else!

17. Pamper yourself!

Get a new haircut, a massage, your nails done, a day at the spa… whatever it is you normally wouldn’t do, do it!

18. Party!

You can’t throw yourself a surprise party so just host a planned one! This way you can have whatever food, drink, games you want!

19. Take a class

Try something you always have wanted to but never did. Cooking, dance, pottery… give it a go!

20. Have a photo shoot

I’ve seen so many fun photo shoots of 30 year olds doing cake smashes, I would love to do this! Not your style? How about some glamour shots?

21. Sporting event

There are sporting events year round, you can always find one to go to! I am contemplating going to a college football game!

22. Hit the casino

Whether it’s Vegas, a local spot, or on on a road trip – try visiting on your birthday and maybe you’ll have some luck!

23. Disconnect

Turn off the electronics for the whole day. (I promise all of those Facebook birthday wishes will still be there tomorrow). Spend the day with a loved one. Go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Live without interruption!

24. Roadtrip

We took a weekend trip to Mackinac Island for Ryan’s birthday last month which was fun but it was a 7 hour drive each way. We both said that it was too much driving for the amount of time we actually got to spend there. If we do get to take a little vacation, it needs to be longer than 3 days (or less than 5 hours driving). We are in Dayton, OH if you have any suggestions!

25. Get a pet

A birthday is a great day to adopt your new best friend! Please support your local shelters!

26. Go golfing

If the weather is right, you can spend the day relaxing on the course. Or if you are lucky and have TopGolf near you, I definitely recommend that. They are open in the winter, too!

27. Have a beach/pool day

Again, if the weather is cooperating. Have some fun in the sun on your birthday!

28. Redecorate

Chances are, as you get older, your tastes are changing. I know mine are! Paint a room, get some new wall decor, make a room feel new!

29. Staycation

Get a hotel, even if it’s in your city, and let someone else do the cooking and cleaning for the day/night! Use the pool and hot tub, order room service, and take advantage of your night!

30. Take the day off, sleep in, do nothing if you want – spend the day how you wish!!

Give me some more ideas or what you did for your birthday!

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