How To Be A Stay At Home Mom… Without Kids

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“What do you do at home all day? Have you tried applying to jobs? Does your husband make enough money?”

These are just a few of the questions people have asked me when they find out I am only 30 years old and not working. Mind you, I am not “working” by choice. I personally consider myself self-employed, but the thought of not going to a place of employment seems incomprehensible to most. I didn’t just quit my job one day (although I wanted to many times), this was a long thought out decision that was made with my husband.

I’m not going to lie, these questions always catch me off guard since these aren’t typical questions you ask someone. I don’t go around asking people what they do at work all day, why they aren’t applying for a better job, or how much they make. For some reason, people who are “self-employed” get asked these questions though, as if what they do doesn’t count as a job so the questions are okay to ask.

So how do I have the ability to stay home? There are some important factors my husband and I looked at. Not only did we look at his income but also compared our insurance, how much I was bringing in, my health, etc. Once we determined we would be okay financially, I figured out that I also needed to be able to do one thing to help us… hustle. Seriously!

What are the things that I do to help bring a little to the table that you may also be able to do? Keep reading!

Start a Blog

This is an obvious one that I am doing. Is it making me much money? Not really. Do I know other people making thousands per month? Yes! It is really up to you with how much work you put into it.

Sell Your Stuff

Okay, so don’t go and sell everything you own, but start with your closet and find what you don’t wear and list that. Even an extra $100 a month is nice! Check out my post about options on where and how to sell your stuff.

Along with selling, I also flip items. If I find something on sale that I think other people would want and know I could make a profit off of, I buy it! Anything from clothes and housewares to toys and books.

Shop Smarter

If you shop online, always look for a coupon code first! Before I buy anything I google “store name discount code.” 99% of the time I will find a discount! Another thing that I sometimes forget but is very helpful in saving money, is eBates. I do my Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping online and just last November, I was able to get $5 cash back! Remember, every little bit adds up.

Surveys and Polls

My favorite sites are Swagbucks and InstaGc. With very little work, and I do mean very little, I can make $20 in gift cards from each of those sites. With more time and commitment, just imagine what you could do! InstaGc is my favorite and for the holidays has a matching program for every point you earn. I would sign up now!

Both constantly offer free points on social media, so make sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook!

Get Creative

I started my Etsy shop back in April 2014 when I first started wedding planning and DIY’ing for myself and realized I could also be doing the same thing for others. Is there something you are good at? Crocheting, jewelry, painting, writing… there is a market for it!

Those are just 5 ways that I earn a little extra money each month.. but there are so many more things you can do from home. Don’t believe me? Google “Work from home” and you will find tons of ideas. There are places for freelance work, teaching English online, medical billing, call center representatives, data entry, sales.. the list is endless.

What are your side hustles?




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