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How many of you get excited for that time of the month? Stupid question, right? No one does! What if I told you that there is something out there to help you look forward to that wonderful week?

I bring to you… “The PMS Package.” I know that I get irritated when someone asks me if it’s “that time of the month” when I’m a little cranky but maybe now I won’t mind it since I can just reach for something in the box to make me feel better! Check out the cute little message you see when you open it. And did I mention pink is my favorite color?!

Once the flip over the tissue paper, it gets even better. There is chocolate galore and sweet, feminine items that I love!

What exactly is in this magical box? A delicious smelling candle, a girly notebook and pen, chocolate chip cookies,a brownie cookie (they exist?!), chocolate cookie thins, tampons and liners, feminine wipes, pink and purple glittery chocolate chunks!!!, body butter, and a disposable heat pad to help cramps. Amazing, right?! Check it out!

I know that there are a million subscription boxes out there but this is like any other I have seen before. I’ve bought my fair share of subscription boxes and always end up cancelling them because half of the stuff goes in the trash. This package though? I will use every single thing! In no way would it be a waste of money!

Another thing I like? It’s not junky items that again, will go in the trash. This is high quality stuff! The candle was already lit within hours of getting the box and the brownie cookie has been devoured. It came at the perfect time too, I will be ripping open that heating pad and laying down because I’ve got some major cramps.

So what are the details? Head to The PMS Package website and click “Get Started.” Packages start at $29.99 a month but the rates vary on whether you want the premium box (shown in pictures) or the original. From there you pick whether you want to pay month-to-month, 3 months at a time, 6 months, or a year. The more you buy, the cheaper the box is. What a deal!

I’m not finished though – just because you read this and made it all the way to the bottom of the page, I have a discount code for you! Head to the website and at checkout enter code *PMS5* to get $5 off your first box!

Do you have any questions? Are you heading to the website to buy? I am!

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