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I LOVE candles. We have a whole closet full of them and there’s at least one in each room of our home. This fall I made a list of my favorite candles of the season.. but guess what? I have discovered even more brands that are my new favorites!

First up, The Barn Candle Company. Not only do they have the most delicious smelling candles, but they also have other items for your home. Imagine going into a candle store and also getting to pick out items for your pantry like  honey, jam and soup mix… I would tell them to, “take all my money!” As it turns out, The Barn Candle Company has just that. They also have various items like room spray, wax melts, and diffusers. I got to try out some of the barn candles, wax melts, and harvest soup mix and there’s nothing bad I could possibly say. Currently I have Jack Frost in my living room and Grandpa’s Porch in the guest bedroom, and they both smell AMAZING. The Barn Candles come are in the cutest mason jars that say “The Barn” on them and also include a book of matches. Prices start at only $10 for these!

One of my favorite things in the winter is sitting by the light of the tree with a candle burning. Candles add a perfect touch to your decor and make the room feel so cozy. Not to mention, it makes the room smell good! The Barn Candle Company has over 75 fragrances to choose from and are hand poured in the USA –  a trait I love! They have some great options if you are interested in wholesale selling or having a fundraiser. If someone I knew was selling these, I would buy them in a minute!

Check out The Barn Candle Company as an option for gift giving this season (or put it on your list) and make Barn Candles a tradition in your home.



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