My Favorite Things 2017

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Today I hosted “Favorite Things” party at a local gastropub and loved it! This is my second year having it and I’m already looking forward to next year. I had it from 11:30am-1:30pm because brunch and mimosas (and presents) are some of my favorite things! What is a favorite things party? There are all different ways to host and I’m hoping next year to have it at our home so we can incorporate our favorite foods but basically you buy your “favorite things” and trade with each other.

When having it at a bar, I have everyone bring two of the same items (wrapped), each around $10.. so you’re spending about $20. I write down everyone’s name two times and put it in a bag. Everyone takes turns drawing two names and gives their gift to those two people. When they are opening the gift, you explain what makes it one of your favorite things!

I totally forgot about taking pictures and I’m bummed. Curious what people bring? Keep reading for ideas!

Wet Brush! Never worry about tangles again. Click the picture to be taken to Amazon.
Argan Oil – for silky, smooth hair
Great book AND show!

These are a few of mine and my friends favorite low price items for 2017. What are some of yours?

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