Disclosure Policy

The boring stuff:

I have had a blog as long as I can remember. My most “successful” was in college and I let it fall to the wayside. I hope to get this up and running and successful so I want to let you know right off the bat how everything works between the scenes. I work with businesses and PR companies to highlight products or services when it is something that’s a good fit for the business and this blog. This means I might receive these products or services at a discount or for free in addition to compensation for styling, photographing, editing, writing and posting about that product.

I promise to be fully transparent and honest with you so I will be sure to tell you in the post if it is a gift or I will make a disclosure in the post!  I will be completely honest whether or not I would buy the item with my own money or if it didn’t work for me and why!

When I first started blogging I didn’t care what ads were posted but now that I have gotten older, I will only post what I would recommend to my own friends and family and that means you as well! The affiliate links are what help me be a stay at home blogger and hopefully soon mom! 🙂

Let me know if you have any questions and e-mail me at kaitlin@firepluswife.com!